Hello world!

Out from behind the Mic.

So I have been giving it a lot of thought.  Now that I have started this Blog…I need help.  I want to cover Dressage, Hunter-Jumpers, Western, and Trail Riders.  BUT…I want to feature the local horses and their riders.

South Florida has it all and up until now we really don’t go outside of what and who we know when we could learn so much from each other.  Well nothing is going to change until someone sets something up…well…hopefully we have arrived.

Florida has issues that many other areas of the Country don’t.  Lets face it we are basically on an island.  We have vet issue that many of our Northern friends don’t have.  Anhidrosis for example, we all know someone that has had a horse battle it down here.  Thrush, muck itch, Florida sores, fire ant bites, sunburn and I could go on and on but I think you get my meaning.  We have more in common than not.  Okay you ride in a saddle with a horn and I don’t.  So that means we can’t share solutions and learn from each other?

This is for us..by us..with no bias.  You have a show coming up; a clinic…let us know about it…we will share with all.  That way maybe you can get that last spot or two filled.

Something I would like to do is to start posting results from all the “local” shows.  Why not?  So I am reaching out to all the “local” shows and asking you to send me your results to equivoice@gmail.com.  From non-rated local shows to 4H to C shows.  Plantation and Parkland Horseman’s to time and games at Davie Rodeo Arena to team penning to everything happening at Brandon Equestrian Center in Lake Worth.  If I have missed someone let me know..  You have results…please share.  Pictures…send them this way.

You got a suggestion…send it this way.  I am not a professional writer and I have tendency to get pigeonholed…so if I am missing something…email me.  One thing I work at is to be inclusive. To borrow the motto from the Paralympics “Spirit in Motion”.

Thanks for your time and hopeful interest.






  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jason!!! Congrats….I’ve been a periodic blogger here for a couple of years! Search halfpass blog and you’ll find me!!! Good luck and I’ll be reading you!!!…..Leslie

  2. Reblogged this on Halfpass's Blog and commented:
    This is for Jason, one of the best show announcers in Welly World!

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